Unique File Sharing


CyberCabinet is the fastest, easiest, safest and most cost-effective fully-secure way of sharing and storing documents with our firm. 

Now we can share and review your tax returns, financial statements, and other important documents instantaneously.

CyberCabinet eliminates the need for faxing, printing, and mailing most documents to you. And you have 24/7 access to your documents.
With your approval, we will gladly store a PDF copy of your tax return in the CyberCabinet. You can view or download a copy at any time. Never lose a document again! 

Do you have an important document in electronic format that you need to keep secure and have accessible at any time?  Simply upload the document to our CyberCabinet. There is no additional charge to our clients for this highly valuable document management service. 

Contact me today for secure access logon ID. 

If you already have a login ID, Click here to log in